1. 1.  ideal perfect beauty in the physical and moral sense, especially as perceived by Greek philosophers

I have always had an innate interest in people.  I know that is a blanket statement, but it is the most

simple way that I can explain it.  My other passion.... photography.  Thankfully the two go

together quite nicely.

It is all about a way of seeing the world around us.  It is about singling out those most beautiful,

fleeting moments and capturing them.  It is about recognizing the individual and translating this in a

way words cannot express.

There truly is beauty all around us.  I am so grateful to be able to focus on this beauty and share it

with others.  This is why I founded Kalon Photography.

I work closely with my husband Matthew(“Matt”) to document important stages in the lives of others.

Kalon Photography is an on location photography business.  These locations range from personal

homes and favorite places to a downtown scene or country road.  This is only one element that plays

into our goal of keeping each image fresh, modern, and real.

-Sandi Simmons


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